About us!


Remember the travelers back in the day? Kodak camera hanging from the neck, bermudas, hawaiian shirts, map climbing out the back pocket and a less than attractive fanny pack safeguarding all the valuables.

Well, just like tourism, travelers have changed too. Not only in their “I’m a tourist” fashion, but in what they look for in their trips.  Nowadays, the luxurious resorts are not the epitome of a vacation.

Now, more people are looking to invest in meaningful experiences, to explore new cultures and discover new traditions, spend time with locals and learn from them, and to reduce the impact their trips have on the environment: this is what we call sustainable tourism.

Sustainable tourism has really shaken things up for the travel industry, we’re now seeing the potential it has not only in helping local economy but in rescuing culture and creating awareness of the importance of being ecofriendly. After all, we want future generations to enjoy the same landscapes.

Countries like Chile, really need to develop their sustainability when it comes to tourism. Having so many cultures like the Mapuches and the Aymaras and so many beautiful landscapes like Patagonia or the Atacama Desert, travelers from all over the world come to enjoy unique experiences.

What does Destinalo.com has to do with all of this?

Destinalo.com is an online booking site for accommodation across Chile. But, before you go “blah, just another booking site”, you should know, this isn’t just another booking site. Oh no.

Destinalo.com is a platform where you’ll find very special accommodations. Hotels, hostels, cabins, domes and more, all sustainable, eco friendly, family owned and small places, where you’ll be immersed in a new culture.

The accommodations in Destinalo.com have been handpicked and they were not easy to find! Many of these places don’t have websites, they have 4 people to tend to guests or even just 1 room. Some of them have kickass green practices, others have the best cultural experiences…but all of them, are pretty amazing!

Destinalo.com doesn’t just want to sell accommodation, but mostly, help the development of sustainable tourism in Chile, helping promote unknown small touristic services and their responsible practices.

What kind of experiences will I find on the site?

Well, I’m glad you ask! The experiences you’ll find at Destinalo.com go from living in a farm or sailing the ancient canals in Patagonia; staying in a palafito in the island of Chiloé or in a dome in the middle of a southern forest; maybe sleeping in a tent in the Atacama Desert or staying with a typical Mapuche family in Araucania; perhaps you’d like to practice yoga in a wetland near Valparaiso or even go scuba diving in Punta de Choros.

These are only a few examples, I encourage you to visit the site and see for yourself all the different options.

So there you have it! Great experiences, beautiful places and incredible people. Sustainable tourism offers a whole new world of possibilities for the curious traveler and small accommodations.

Don’t forget your Kodak! 

Destinalo.com brings together awesome destinations and great accommodations where travelers like you will find sustainable and local experiences. In this blog you will find tips and ideas for your trip. If you have questions do not hesitate to contact us – hello@destinalo.com – and tell us about your plans. Go to Destinalo.com and book your next adventure.