©Turismo Chile

©Turismo Chile

Santiago is the capital of Chile and is located in the center area of the country, and one of the best things about the city is that you can be in the beach, the snow centers or the wine tours after a 1 hour and a half bus ride from the city. If you want to enjoy great wine or ride some awesome waves, keep reading!

One of the most traditional wine-producing areas in Chile is the Valley of Maipo, located in the heart of the Metropolitan Region, and consisting of about 20 vineyards. There you will be able to enjoy tastings of amazing world renowned wines and explore the area; you have to visit Calera de Tango, known for its beautiful colonial time buildings. A little further you’ll find Colchahua Valley (to the South) and Casablanca Valley (to the north) with great landscapes and wine tours if you are interested in tasting the amazing chilean wine.

If going to the beach is more your thing, at 180 km from the capital you’ll find Matanza, where you can camp or stay in lovely cabins. At 207 km away from Santiago is Pichilemu and Punta Lobos, one of Chile’s best surfing beaches! There you can also enjoy the architecture in places like the Cultural Center Agustín Ross and Ross Park.You’ll find many accommodations and restaurants to make your stay a wonderful experience!

(Source: chile.travel)

Where to stay in Central Valley & Coast?

1. The Sirena Insolente Hostel in Pichilemu

2. Ecobox Andino located in Chillan 

3. Bordenieve Cabins located in Chillan