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1. Dalcahue
2. Castro
3. Palafitos -Castro

Chiloé is located 1186 km south from Santiago and 90 km south-east of Puerto Montt. To get there, you can take a 1 hour and 45 minute flight from Santiago to Puerto Montt. In Puerto Montt, in vehicle or car, you have to get on board of a ferry and navigate about 30 minutes through the Chacao Channel and you’ll arrive to Ancud. This southern destination is best known for its colorful architecture, like the famous stilts houses or palafitos (houses over the water) and 18th and 19th century wooden churches, 16 of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. If you want to enjoy good food, great hospitality and beautiful landscapes, this is the destination for you!

The archipelago of Chiloé is composed of 30 islands and its main cities are Ancud, Castro , and Quellón. Also, there are small cities like Chonchi (for accommodations in this area click here) and Cucao (for accomodations in this area click here) that offer delicious local food, like oysters and curanto, which is an ancestral ritual where meat and seafood are cooked over hot stones that are buried in a hole in the ground. The meal is accompanied by milcao (potato pancakes) and chapaleles (dumplings), both cooked with local potatoes.

In Chiloé, you have to visit the Museum of Modern Art and National Park, which you can enter from Cucao a charming fishing bay, by the Lake Huillinco. In the Park you can go hiking, enjoy the sights of nature and local species like birds, the pudú deer and foxes.

The Island is very famous for its many myths and legends: many of them relate to the sea, like the Caleuche, a ghost ship, and the Pincoya, a woman that helps dying sailors become part of the ghost crew on board of the Caleuche (for accommodations in this area click here).

The local cuisine, mythological, historical, cultural and natural content of Chiloé is present in all its little bays and towns, where you’ll find hospitality and wonderful accommodations!

If you’re looking for sustainable tourism destination in the area, check our options below!

Where to stay in Chiloe Island?

1. Palafito Cucao Hostel

2. Pumahuen Cabins

3. Palafito 1326 Hotel Boutique located in Castro 

4. Palafito del Mar Hotel in Castro

5. El Palacito Apart Hotel in Castro