©Turismo Chile

©Turismo Chile
2. Rio Trancura
3. Lanalhue , Arauco
4. Huerquehue National Park

This zone includes the Araucania region, it starts in Temuco and it ends in Puerto Montt. You can get there by taking a 1 hour and 20 minute flight from Santiago to Temuco or a 1 hour 45 minute flight from Santiago to Puerto Montt. There are also buses to every city in between. The land is inundated with verdant forests, volcanoes, rivers and lakes, offering a natural setting and numerous options for sports and adventure. If you want to visit beautiful landscapes or relax in a hotspring under the stars, this is your destination!

If you visit in the winter, you must take some time to see the beautiful volcanoes and Araucarias, enjoy different sports, like ski or snowboarding in Pucón or Villarrica, or go to many of the hotsprings on the region. If you like sports the Huilo Huilo nature preserve, 100 km away from Villarrica, allows you to experience canopy, hiking and horse riding.

In the summer you can’t miss the Pucon Lake, Caburga Lake and Lican Ray, all great places to enjoy the beach and several water sports. Valdivia (840 km. away from Santiago) capital of the River Region, has a watershed with more than 250 km. of navigable rivers, where you can take boat rides or use kayaks to enjoy the beautiful sights.

The extreme end of the lake and volcanoes zone is home to the capital of the Lakes Region, where you’ll find the cities of Puerto Montt and the beautiful Puerto Varas (for accommodations in this area click here). The surrounding area offers amazing landscapes and farms where you’ll find the retreat that you are looking for (for accommodations in this area click here) In Puerto Varas you must try the local pastries, which show the citys german influences, evident also in the architecture.

Want more? visit Osorno (110 km. from Puerto Montt) and enjoy the beauty of the volcano and the Rupanco Lake (for accomodations in this area click here) The lakes and volcanoes area is known for housing many national parks among them you can explore the Conguillio National Park, Villarrica National Park and the Alerce Andino National Park, among many others: here you can go trekking, hiking or just enjoy the landscapes and nature.

If you’re looking for sustainable tourism destination in the area, check our options below!

Where to stay in the Lake and volcanoes district?

1. Refugio Cordillera del Sarao Cabins

2. Parque Domo Andino Domes

3. Rupanco Paradise Horseback riding & cabins

4. Humedal Punucapa Hostel