1-5-6. Lago General Carrera
2. Glaciar Exploradores
3. Catedral de mármol
4. Puerto Cisnes

North Patagonia is home to the Austral Road or highway Route 7, the principal land route connecting Chilean Patagonia, Puerto Montt and Villa O’Higgins, stretching 1240 km in the south of Chile. You can start your trip in Puerto Montt, after a 1 and 45 minute flight from Santiago. There’s also an airport in Coyhaique, a 3 hour flight from Santiago. You can drive from Puerto Montt up to Villa O’Higgins, right before the ice fields. It is a good highway but is recommended to use a 4X4 during the winter. If you want to be surprised by the beauty of southern Chile, keep reading!

The Austral Road has many attractions for tourist along the way, like various national parks such as Queulat, Puelo River Park (for accommodations in this area click here), Laguna San Rafael and many more.

The road is full of beautiful landscapes and surprises. You can visit Cerro Castillo (80 km away from Coyhaique) and enjoy one of the country’s most famous hikes, a five day 45 km hike where you’ll see hanging glaciers, exotic wildlife like the huemul and condor, both endemic species.

If you like water sports, you can sail Lago General Carrera or go fly-fishing on the Baker river, the fastest flowing in Chile, maybe raft the Futaleufu River; wherever you are on the Austral Road you’ll find lots of things to do!

If you’re looking for sustainable tourism accommodations in the area, check our options below!

Where to stay in North Patagonia?

1. Parque Río Puelo Cabins

2. Satour Overland Travel

3. Coyhaique River Lodge

4. Guaitecas Travesía Lodge