©Turismo Chile

©Turismo Chile

Santiago is the capital of Chile and the most populated region with over 6 million inhabitants. It is located in the center of the country which shows in its weather: not as hot as the north nor as cold as the south. You can be in the beach, the snow center or the wine tours after a 1 hour and a half bus ride from the city. Santiago is a very diverse and modern city, with a mix of both contemporary and historic places and architecture. If you want to enjoy a cultural experience and a great urban life, this is the destination for you!

If you are an art lover you can’t miss the Municipal Theater, where you can see opera, ballet and other artistic shows, the Museum of Pre-Columbian Art and the National Museum of Fine Arts or the Cathedral of Santiago.

You can also visit the presidential palace La Moneda and the cultural center by the same name. You can also visit parks such as The Metropolitan Park and Plaza de Armas.

 Santiago has a very wide offer of food and entertainment, you can choose from very modern restaurant with edgy dishes to classic Chilean food places, and if you want to try some delicious sea food, you can’t miss the Central Market.

At night there are many pubs and bars, especially in the Lastarria and Bellavista neighborhoods; this last one belongs to Providencia, a district where you’ll find great stores, restaurants and activities.  (Source: Turismo Chile)

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Where to stay in Santiago?

1. Meridiano Sur Petit Hotel 

2. Dominica Hostel

3. Princesa Insolente Hostel

4. Bellavista Home B&B

5. Happy House Hostel 

6. Rado Boutique Hostel

7. Patio Yungay Hotel


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  1. Juan Jaeger wrote:

    Para muchos que durante años despotricaron con Santiago, creo que es hora de descubrir rincones para comer, beber, pasear, bicicletear, mirar, leer.