Santiago is the capital of Chile and is located in the centre area of the country. In its surroundings, Santiago has the beautiful Cajón del Maipo, Pirque and Pomaire, charming areas with great cultural and outdoor activities. 

If you want to visit the Andes Mountains, you must go to Cajón del Maipo, 15 km from Santiago. This is the perfect place to enjoy some clean air, nature and outdoor sports; you can’t miss the beautiful nature reserve El Morado, that offers wonderful trekking excursions.

You can also visit Pirque any time of year to see how wine makes this little valley come to life and take in its rural heritage, which dates back to the Colonial period. Pirque is located 22 km south of Santiago and is known by its residents as the “wine capital”.

And if you love crafts and artistic tourism, you have to visit Pomaire! This village is located 50 km west of Santiago and its know for its traditional pottery. The coffee-colored clay that its inhabitants call “greda” has been a part of their lifestyle since long before Pomaire was founded in 1771. You can even learn to make your own! And while your there, don’t leave without trying a Chilean Empanada, yum!


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