©Turismo Chile

©Turismo Chile

The city of Valparaiso is Chile’s largest port and it dates back to 1536 and is located north of Santiago, 127 km away. To get there you can take a less than 2 hours bus ride from Santiago, where you’ll also find the nearest airport. Valparaiso is famous for its colorful architecture, which you can admire in its more than 40 hills, like Cerro Alegre (for accommodations in this area click here) and Cerro Bellavista (for accommodations in this area click here). It is also known for its cultural and historic content, housing the country’s National Congress. If you want to explore and learn about history and enjoy beautiful beaches at the same time, this is your kind of trip!

Minutes away from Valparaiso, you’ll find Viña del Mar, known as the “Garden City” which offers beautiful beaches like the Reñaca Beach a few kms north of Viña del Mar, where you’ll find all kinds of activities for you to enjoy your stay. 

Among the must-see destinations in Viña del Mar, there’s the Flowers Clock, in front of Caleta Abarca, and Quinta Vergara, where is performed in the summer a very famous musical festival in southamerica.  

In Valparaiso’s surroundings you’ll also find Ritoque and Concón, both great places to enjoy the beach and cuisine: Concón is known for being the gastronomical capital of Chile! Also, in this last town you’ll find a wetland full of beautiful landscapes and wildlife, you can take a walk or a horse ride to see it.   

If you’re looking for sustainable tourism destinations in the area, check our options below!


Destinations in Valparaiso and surroundings:

1. Posada del Parque Hotel

2. Boutique Hotel Acontraluz

3. PlenoValpo Hostel

4. Peritas & Higuitos Hostel

5. Eco Lodge Tree House