©Turismo Chile

©Turismo Chile
1. Valle de la Luna
2. Valle de la Muerte
3. San Pedro de Atacama
4. Geiser del Tatio

San Pedro is a small town located in the north of Chile, as part of the region of Atacama. It is 1634 km away from Santiago, the capital of Chile. How to to get there? You can take a 2 hour flight from Santiago to Calama, and then a 1 hour 25 minute bus/shuttle ride (you can book it inside the airport).  The town is famous for a beautiful mixture of ancestral cultures and modern tourism. 

The land surrounding San Pedro de Atacama is primarily owned by natives whose focus is agriculture and tourism. Its local architecture becomes evident in its church, built in 1774, which incorporates cactus wood details, adobe construction and leather-bound algarrobo beams.

If you’re looking to find out more about the history of the town, you can visit de R.P. Gustavo Le Paige Archeological Museum which features numerous and significant pre-Hispanic relics and mummies, offering a glimpse into the area’s past.

The town is known as a springboard for excursions to different landmarks in the area such as the Valley of the Moon and the Valley of the Death, the Atacama salt Flats, high altitude lakes, the Tatio Geysers, Los Flamencos National Reserve and other interesting and beautiful destinations.

You’ll also find lots of artisanal crafts stands, pubs and restaurants with excellent and local cuisine and very comfortable accommodations that will make your stay an amazing experience.

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Where to stay in San Pedro de Atacama?

1. Ckamur Atacama Ethno Lodge

2. Ruka Zen Lodge

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